Bohai University


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Number of enrolled students: 23000
Number of international students: 566
International Outlook: Ordinary

English teaching majors: 22

Average admission days: 5

Documents requirement standard: Easy

Service satisfaction: 7/10

Acceptance rate: 60%

Chance of getting scholarship: 80%


Bohai University (BU), which was established in February, 1950, is a comprehensive university administered by Liaoning Provincial Government. BU is in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China. Jinzhou is a seaside city with long history and cultural tradition. It covers 2,250 Chinese mu (approximately equaling 1,500,000 square meters) of land area, and more than 600,000 square meters of floor area. BU has established 19 sub-level colleges administering 48 programs for bachelor's degree. It owns 18 Level-1 programs for master's degree, 7 programs for professional master's degree, and those programs cover economics, laws, education, humanities, history, philosophy, science, engineering, agriculture, management, arts, etc. There are now more than 21,900 full-time postgraduates and undergraduates at Bohai University. At present, there are more than 1,200 professional teachers, among whom are almost 200 professors and nearly 500 doctor's degree holders. Among the professional teachers, there are nearly 100 persons who have been awarded prizes and the province-level or state-level titles, including the second prize for National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, and honorary titles like National High-level Talents for Special Support Plan, National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scientists, "National Hundred-level, Thousand-level and Ten-thousand-level Talents," National Excellent Teachers, Outstanding Talents for Ministry of Education's Support Plan, Liaoning Province's Diligently-working Scholars, Special Professors of Liaoning Province, Leading Talents in Philosophy and Social Science for "Plan to Make Liaoning Province Prosperous," Famous Teachers for "Plan to Make Liaoning Province Prosperous," Young Outstanding Talents for "Plan to Make Liaoning Province Prosperous," Liaoning Province's Outstanding Experts, Outstanding Talents for Liaoning Province's Support Plan, National Academician Candidates for Talents Training Project in Liaoning Province, Members of Liaoning Province's Project of Hundred-level and Thousand-level Talents, Province-level Outstanding Talents in Science and Technology, Province-level Famous Teachers, Province-level Professional Academic Leaders, Province-level Outstanding Teachers, etc. Bohai University has got 1 level-A project for first-class discipline in Liaoning Province, 3 unique projects from Liaoning Province's first-class disciplines, 7 supported projects from Liaoning Province's key disciplines, 1 engineering center jointly built by the state and local areas, 1 technological research center affiliated to Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Areas, 1 key lab sponsored by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China, 1 national and local research center attached to the Ministry of Education, 1 science and technology platform ranked as Liaoning Province Higher Institutes' Key Platform for Science and Technology, 2 school-enterprise federations sponsored by Liaoning Provincial Department of Education, 1 research institute for industrial technology in Liaoning Province, 1 new type of think tank for higher schools in Liaoning Province, 3 strategic federations for technological innovation in Liaoning Province, 1 coordinative innovation center ranked as Liaoning Province 2011 Coordinative Innovation Center, 4 labs ranked as Liaoning Province Key Labs, 3 labs ranked as Liaoning Provincial Higher Institutes' Key Labs, 5 centers ranked as Liaoning Provincial Engineering Technology Research Centers, 3 centers ranked as Liaoning Provincial Engineering Research Centers, 1 research base ranked as Liaoning Province Higher School's Research Base for Humanities and Social Science, 3 research bases ranked as Liaoning Province Key Research Bases for Educational Plan, 1 research base for economic and social development in Liaoning Province, 1 science and technology park ranked as Liaoning Province Science and Technology Park, 1 base ranked as Liaoning Province Base for Science Popularity, and 3 other province-level research platforms. At BU, there are now 11 innovative teams of higher schools at Liaoning Province level, and 1 test center, i.e. Public Test Center for Jinzhou Silicon Materials in National Torch Project and for Industrial Base of Solar Cell. There are 18 unique pilot programs and 57 quality courses, all of which are either at the state level or at the provincial level. It has surpassed many other higher schools in Liaoning Province for the sake of its 23 quality textbooks, 105 teaching reform projects, and 60 teaching awards, all of which are either at the state level or at the provincial level. In teaching activities. BU has established 7 province-level teaching teams, and 8 leading experiment teaching demonstrative centers at the provincial level. In accordance with the ESI data released by Clarivate Analytics in May, 2019, BU's engineering, chemistry, and computer science were listed in the first 1% disciplines in the world. In the 2019 Best Chinese Universities Rankings released by ShanghaiRanking Consultancy, BU was ranked 152nd national university and 6th Liaoning provincial university. According to the "2019-2020 Appraisal Report on Chinese Postgraduate Education and Disciplines," it was ranked the 142nd national university (and 5th Liaoning provincial university) for its first-class disciplinary construction. In the ranking list for level-1 disciplines in Chinese postgraduate education, it was ranked the 12th national university (and the 1st Liaoning provincial university) for its food science and engineering. In the 2020 Best Chinese Subjects Ranking released by ShanghaiRanking Consultancy, BU's four subjects were listed among the first 500 ones in the world. With 90% of the employment rate in recent years and provincial base of practical education, Bohai University is entitled as "2014 Ministry of Education's Typical Higher School for Graduate Employment," which promotes BU to the list of the top 50 higher schools in China for the employment rate of its graduates. In 2014, it was recognized by International Maritime Organization as a qualified school in nautical studies, and was listed as the 5th national organization in nautical studies. The Journal of Bohai University (Natural Science Edition) has been rated as China's Core Journal in Science and Technology, and the Journal of Bohai University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition) has been ranked as National Quality Journal of High Schools and the first-level journal of Liaoning Province. Since China's "Twelfth Five-year Plan," Bohai University's teachers have successfully applied or completed 2,438 projects of various levels, including the national "Project 863," National Fund Project for Natural Science, National Fund Project for Social Science, and other key projects at the levels of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education or Liaoning Provincial departments. They have got 1,321 awards for academic researches of various kinds. They have been authorized 421 invention patent rights. They have published 685 professional books, and 11,066 papers. And 2,534 papers among them have been indexed by the three key search systems—SCI, EI and CPCI. Beginning from 2011 until now, they have successfully applied for 40 projects for the National Fund Project for Social Science, 146 projects for the National Fund Project for Natural Science, 8 projects for the Ministry of Science and Technology, and 345 projects for the Ministry of Education's Project for Humanities & Social Science and the Ministry of Education's Key Projects for Science and Technology. BU has established friendly cooperation relationship with 23 higher schools and educational institutes from other countries, including the USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Republic of Korea, Australia, Russia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Burundi, etc. It cooperates with 16 foreign enterprises. At present, as a training school for the international students who have obtained the Chinese Government Scholarship, BU recruits international students from 40 countries and regions, exchanges scholars with them, and selects and sends top students and young- and middle-aged teachers to further their studies or to pursue their academic degrees to those countries and regions. BU has successfully co-built the Confucius Institute respectively with the University of Burundi and the University of Bangui (Central African Republic). In March 2014, Bohai University has been accredited for a qualified training school for the international students who have obtained the Chinese Government Scholarship. By enhancing its own software and hardware environments, BU has made a great leap forward in its multiple performances. According to the investigations made by some national evaluation institutes, such as Wushulian, Wangdawang, Alumni Network, and Research Center for China's Science Evaluation, BU is listed near to the 200th place among 800 state-owned higher schools in China, and is listed into the first 8 best universities in Liaoning Province. Bohai University has its own complete infrastructure to meet the needs of teaching and research. Its library houses 2,820,000 volumes of books. The campuses are beautiful with grass and trees. In the "2nd China's Most Beautiful Campuses Competition" held by in 2010, it's Songshan Campus was ranked the 8th most beautiful campus among China's higher schools. In 2019, it was approved as the "Most Beautiful Campus in Liaoning Province." BU is also the Leading National Green Organization, Liaoning Province Greening Organization, Liaoning Province Campus for Safety and Model Base for Ecological Culture Education in Liaoning Province. BU adheres to its own way of software- and hardware-environment development, and to its pursuit of quality-oriented education as its way of schooling. On the basis of the traditional advantageous disciplines that currently exist, and the new engineering courses and liberal arts that are added to its existing ones, Bohai University is determined to make itself into a nationally-known application-oriented comprehensive university with its own characteristics, which owns the first-class disciplines, and boasts the coordinative development of multiple ones.

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Age requirements: 18-30 for language students and bachelor degree, master degree under 35 years old, PhD under 40 years old. Educational Requirements: high school graduation or above for language students and bachelor degree applicants; bachelor degree graduation or equivalent for master degree applicants; master degree graduation or equivalent for PhD applicants. Academic requirements: average score above 75% without failed subject. Documents requirements: in addition to basic materials such as passports, highest education certificate and transcripts, it is recommended to prepare other materials that can enhance your competitiveness, such as award certificates, multinational company internship certificates, principal recommendation letters, and specialty certificates, etc.