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Zhejiang University of Science and Technology
Zhejiang University of Science and Technology


Founding Year

Science and Engineering

School Attribute

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Number of enrolled students: 17000
Number of international students: 1874
International Outlook: High

English teaching majors: 13

Average admission days: 15

Documents requirement standard: Normal

Service satisfaction: 7/10

Acceptance rate: 60%

Chance of getting scholarship: 60%


Zhejiang University of Science and Technology attaches great importance to scientific research. A variety of research institutes have been established including Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering, Bio Engineering, Functional Material, Information Technology and Automation Engineering, Computer Application Technology, Architectural Design, Structure Engineering, Geo-technical Engineering, Design and Creativity, Industrial Engineering, Dye and Pigment. And there are two other technology centers, namely, the Digital-controlled Process Technology Center and the Analysis and Testing Center. By strengthening incentive mechanisms and improving the management of scientific research and generally encouraging the teachers to engage in scientific research, a well qualified research team has come into being.   Furthermore, in recent years, the recruitment of new teachers with higher degrees or those recruited from high level positions greatly enhanced the university’s research capability. Teachers with senior ranks of professor or above account for 30% of the total teaching staff. In order to bring the teachers’ initiative to do research into full play, so as to make a larger contribution to local economic growth, the university established comprehensive scientific and technological cooperative relationships with the Xihu district and Tonglu county of Hangzhou City, Jindong district and Yongkang City of Jinhua prefecture, Tiantai county and Tongxiang city, etc. In cooperating with local enterprises, relevant schools and institutes under the University set up some specialized centers such as the Renewable Energy R&D Center, the Paper Making and Color Printing R&D Center, the Electronic Technology R&D Center, Applied Material Science R&D Center, the Intelligent Appliances R&D Center and the Institute of Applied Bio-technology Products etc. During the past three years, there have been 600 research projects of different levels and different categories undertaken by the teachers in the University. Research funding doubled on a year-on-year basis. There is a strong momentum for continuing the development of scientific research at the university. Additionally, our university has been developing international relationships, in particular by establishing extensive links with German universities and enterprises. As a result of these cooperative arrangements we have been able to develop a lot of technology to help enterprises in Zhejiang province.

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Application Tips
Age requirements: 18-30 for language students and bachelor degree, master degree under 35 years old, PhD under 40 years old. Educational Requirements: high school graduation or above for language students and bachelor degree applicants; bachelor degree graduation or equivalent for master degree applicants; master degree graduation or equivalent for PhD applicants. Academic requirements: average score above 75% without failed subject. Documents requirements: in addition to basic materials such as passports, highest education certificate and transcripts, it is recommended to prepare other materials that can enhance your competitiveness, such as award certificates, multinational company internship certificates, principal recommendation letters, and specialty certificates, etc.