Type of scholarship Consult now

A Type Scholarship

Fee of tuition and dorm fee during the whole study period or equivalent at least

Service Fee:500USD/3200RMB

B Type Scholarship

Fee of tuition fee during the whole study period or equivalent at least

Service Fee:300USD/RMB2000

C Type Scholarship

Fee of tuition fee in the first year or equivalent, or scholarship for Chinese language courses.

Service Fee:100USD/RMB650

About ATCHINA Team?

Team qualification—a contributing specialist of China ministry of education.

  • Our experts is playing a leading role at this field, also provides reference for polices making.
  • The average service life is over 6 years with rich experience.
  • Participate in internal assessment on a regular basis to keep strong professional knowledge.

service mode-one-to-one personalized service

  • One-to-one timely response service, quick feedback.
  • Full interpretation of admissions standards and application qualifications, exclusive customization.
  • Provide one-stop consulting services for application,school arrival,and living in China.

Admission Results-The average admission rate is 98.9%

  • Connect with the admissions department of Chinese universities and understand the admissions requirements deeply and throughly.
  • Among 14 years, served applicants from 160 countries and regions, and understands the different application characteristics of countries and regions.
  • Cumulative success cases exceed 10,000, covering hundreds of difficult types.
Representative of ATCHINA Team
How to Apply?
Processing fee:100USD/650RMB
The processing fee should be paid after you confirmed to apply the certain school.
Service Fee:100USD/650RMB, 300USD/2000RMB, 500USD/3200RMB
The service fee is paid after the student get admission on scholarship for top-ranking universities or get the relevant commitment service. If the student get admission by over 1 school, the fee can be paid after determining which school to study. The specific service fee varies which depends on the difficulty of the application, the complexity of the application process and students' comprehensive competitiveness.