Neusoft Institute Guangdong


Founding Year

Science and Engineering

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Number of enrolled students: 9000
Number of international students: 93
International Outlook: No Info

English teaching majors: 2

Average admission days: 11

Documents requirement standard: Normal

Service satisfaction: 7/10

Acceptance rate: 60%

Chance of getting scholarship: 90%


Consisted of the Department of Computer Science and Technology, the Department of information Technology and Business Management, Digital Arts, English, Japanese, the School of Continuing Education, and the Department of International Programs, Guangdong Neusoft is one of the first institutes to be designated as a Guangdong provincial model software institute and a national training base for much-needed professionals, offering 3-year and 4-year programs, international education programs, various continuing education and e-learning programs for enterprises, government departments, and individuals. As a globalized IT institute with focuses on practicality and innovation, the Institute offers programs for 33 IT or Pan-IT majors such as multi-media technology, computer application technology, information management, animation design and production, digital art, e-commerce. Located in the Nanhai Information Technology Park, one of the four software parks in Guangdong province, and near Guangzhou, our school is immersed in a rich IT atmosphere as well as an academic one. The campus enjoys a beautiful landscape with hills and lakes. Overview of International Cooperation We have cooperation agreements with many different universities and colleges all over the world: University of Huddersfield, UK The University of Northampton, UK University of the West of England, UK Southeastern Oklahoma State University, US Texas Wesleyan University, US Vellore Institute of Technology, IN Trinity Western University, CA Centennial College, CA University of Southern Queensland, AU University of Queensland, AU University of Canberra, AU University of South Australia, AU Students could choose a 3+1 or a 3+1+1 Program.3+1 Program refers to 3 years in China, and 1 year in the listed university or college with two degrees; while the 3+1+1 Program refers to 3 years in China, and 1 year in the listed university or college for dual bachelor degrees, and 1more year for a partner school master degree

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Application Tips
Age requirements: 18-30 for language students and bachelor degree, master degree under 35 years old, PhD under 40 years old. Educational Requirements: high school graduation or above for language students and bachelor degree applicants; bachelor degree graduation or equivalent for master degree applicants; master degree graduation or equivalent for PhD applicants. Academic requirements: average score above 75% without failed subject. Documents requirements: in addition to basic materials such as passports, highest education certificate and transcripts, it is recommended to prepare other materials that can enhance your competitiveness, such as award certificates, multinational company internship certificates, principal recommendation letters, and specialty certificates, etc.